HPV Infection, Vaccination, and Cervical Cancer Awareness: A roadmap to Eliminate Cervical Cancer in Bangladesh

As a regular awareness program, we have visited two madrasahs recently Baitul Mosharraf Senior Madrasah & Darul Uloom Mahila Madrasah. We are delighted by the warm welcome of the teachers, students and the parents.

Cervical cancer is preventable but the awareness is not enough and the knowledge is the key to a healthier future. Keeping this in mind our main focus area was HPV Infection, Vaccination, and Cervical Cancer. There was a both sided communication program where lots of questions were asked and answered. There was a quiz competition where the students participated whole heartedly.


We, the ideSHi team thanks to all for the support who has participated and made this event a success. Together we take steps towards a healthier, brighter tomorrow.

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