Training Activities

ideSHi offers courses and internships for Ph.D., Masters and undergraduate level scientists. In addition, ideSHi provides opportunities for Bangladeshi scientists and health professionals to gain expertise and receive training in the areas of biotechnology and biomedical research at ideSHi’s facilities and at international locations.  A selection of ideSHi’s ongoing training activities are summarised below:


American Society of Microbiology (ASM) BioResource Centre:

  • ideSHi is the local host partner for ASM resources in Bangladesh and serves as the permanent location of the ASM BioResource Centre.
  • The ASM BioResource Centre provides ASM resources and onsite training to students, scientists, faculty, public health professionals.
  • ASM books, journals and online resources are available at ideSHi, thereby providing the local scientific and medical community with cutting-edge resources and training, and serves as a functional part of the local microbiology community.

Ongoing Training for Medical Professionals:

  • Delivered in conjunction with CMBT, these regularly scheduled training sessions introduce local medical professionals to advanced scientific techniques

CMBT Hands-On Training

Genomic Data Analysis and Bioinformatics:

  • Workshop organised in partnership with Fondation Merieux and the GABRIEL Network

Workshop on Genomic Data Analysis and Bioinformatics

Advances in Human Genetics: Clinical and Research Applications:

  • Workshop organised in partnership with the Broad Institute and conducted by Dr. Regina Laroque of Massachusetts General Hospital

Advances in Human Genetics-Clinical and Research Applications

Use of Mobile Cell Technology for Outbreak Detection:

  • Workshop organised in partnership with Stanford University and conducted by Dr. Eric Nelson

Mobile Cell Technology For Outbreak Detection

Molecular Biology Training Program:

  • Developed to satisfy requirements of CMBT and BITID, and organised in partnership with the Broad Institute

Molecular Biology Training

Advanced Training for ideSHi scientists:

Scientists from the ideSHi team have attended the following advanced training programs:

  • 6th Advanced Course on Diagnostics (ACDx) in Annecy, France
  • GABRIEL Training in Protein Expression and Purification at the Christophe Mérieux Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) in Beijing, China
  • Training on liquid chromatography mass spectrometry for IEM screening at KK Hospital in Singapore
  • TWAS-ROCASA Young Scientists Conference in New Delhi, India
  • ISIEM Conference and Metabolomics workshop in Hyderabad, India
  • Local seminars and workshops organised by the DGHS, IEDCR, icddr,b and BSMMU
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