Journal Club Guidelines

All researchers at ideSHi must present at the weekly journal club. The coordinator will provide each member with a designated week in which to present. If due to unavoidable circumstances a member is incapable of presenting on the designated date, he/she must inform the coordinator at least a week before so that a replacement can be arranged.

The Article

  • The article you choose does not have to be the most ideal,but don’t choose a paper only because you want to show how rife it is with problems that it should never have been published to begin with. A good article will still offer plenty of drawbacks to be criticized.
  • The article of choice should represent a remarkable progress regarding the topic under discussion.  It would be wise to choose an article from a high impact factor journal in this regard, though we believe that publication in a high impact factor journal does not guarantee, nor does publication in a lesser journal preclude the article from being significant.
  • When in doubt about choosing an appropriate article for presentation , or if you are presenting for the first time, consult one or more of your fellow senior researchers at ideSHi before making a final choice.
  • The presenters are requested to choose a scientific paper at least two days prior to their designated date of presentation and send the paper in PDF to all members of the journal club through e-mail.


  • The researchers at ideSHi come from a diverse range of experience. So, it is particularly important to provide a background for the article you are presenting.
  • One of the key functions of journal club is to familiarize members in the club with the recent developments in the area relevant to the journal article being presented. You should assume that everyone has an understanding of the basic scientific principles and techniques, but specialized techniques should be explained in an explicit fashion for ease of understanding.
  • This practice will train you for future, as at some point in your career you will be required to present your work to scientists not well acquainted with your field.

Data presentation

  • It isn’t necessary that all the figures and supplements in the results are covered. Instead, focus on the important findings and the conclusions the authors draw. In doing so, it is important to consider whether the data are of sufficient quality, and whether the data support the authors’ conclusions

To Summarize

  • Choose an article boasting innovative research and legitimate data
  • Describe the background for the research.
  • Elaborately explain innovative techniques.
  • Focus on important findings
  • Discuss whether the authors’ conclusion are supported by the findings.
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