HPV Infection, Vaccination, and Cervical Cancer Awareness: A roadmap to Eliminate Cervical Cancer in Bangladesh

Let us celebrate the success of ideSHi’s HPV vaccine school program, knowing that it is contributing to a healthier, safer, and brighter future for all. On 5th of October, 2023 as a regular “School-Based HPV Infection, Vaccination, and Cervical Cancer Awareness Program” ideSHi was present at Dhaka Adventist Pre-Seminary and School (DAPS), Mirpur, Dhaka. The event was attended by esteemed guests, including Prof. Dr. Sabera Khatun, President, Gynecological Oncology Society of Bangladesh, Prof. Dr. Md. Habibullah Talukder, Executive Director, Center for Cancer Prevention & Research, Bangladesh, Dr. Tajul Islam A Bari, former Project Manager of the government’s Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), along with teachers and students from DAPS.


The honorable principal of Dhaka Adventist Pre-Seminary and School (DAPS) appreciated the effort of ideSHi team and encourage students for the vaccination.

Prof. Dr. Sabera Khatun provided detailed information about the symptoms of cervical cancer, the at-risk population, what HPV vaccines are, their potential benefits, and guidance for parents and teachers. She described in a comprehensible way about what is cervix and how we should keep it safe.  Dr. Tajul Islam A Bari explained how we can access the vaccines, when vaccination will commence, and how to register for them. Prof. Dr. Md. Habibullah Talukder shared few lines of a poem with the students and talked about the demerits of early marriage, he also talked about the benefits of openness about sharing health problems, and gave a petite definition of cancer.



ideSHi’s HPV awareness school program exemplifies the power of education, awareness, and community engagement. It serves as a beacon of hope, ensuring that the future generations of our country are equipped with the knowledge and protection they need to lead healthy lives. It is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on society.

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