Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR): A Silent Killer

To observe World AMR Awareness Week 2023, 18 – 24 November, Dr. Zannat Kawser and Sanchita Kar from ideSHi attended a seminar arranged by IEDCR.           From left Dr. Zannat Kawser, Assistant Scientist ideSHi, Dr. Nandita Banik, National Consultant of Microbiology, WHO, Prof. Lovely Barai, Department of Microbiology, BIRDEM and Sanchita Kar, Research Investigator, ideSHi.                                                                                                                           

ideSHi also arranged an awareness session on 23rd November, at Adarsha Islami Mission Mohila Kamil Madrasa, Lalmatia, Dhaka. In that session Dr. Tajul Islam Bari Ex Program manager EPI, Dr. Zannat Kawser Assistant Scientist, ideSHi talked about antibiotics, how to use it, what is the consequences of improper use of antibiotics. It was a both way communication session and everyone’s enthusiastic participation make the event more successful.

Antimicrobial resistance, or AMR, is quietly emerging as a global health crisis. Imagine a world where common infections become untreatable, surgeries riskier, and life-saving treatments less effective. This is the stark reality we face as the misuse of antibiotics and other antimicrobial agents accelerates. Antibiotics, once hailed as miracle drugs, are losing their efficacy. Misuse in healthcare, agriculture, and everyday life, Ove prescription, and incomplete treatment courses create an environment where bacteria evolve to resist these drugs. It’s crucial to understand that antibiotics are precious resources that should be used judiciously to preserve their effectiveness for future generations.

Raising awareness about AMR is pivotal. Public education on the responsible use of antibiotics, hygiene practices, and the impact of AMR on global health is key to curbing the crisis. Individuals can contribute by finishing prescribed antibiotic courses, avoiding self-medication, and adopting practices that prevent infections.

Let’s spread the awareness, and work together to tackle the silent crisis of antimicrobial resistance. Our collective actions today will shape the health of future generations.



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