Creating Awareness on HPV Infection, Vaccination and Cervical Cancer: A road map towards elimination of cervical cancer from Bangladesh

Institute for developing Science and Health initiatives (ideSHi) is going to launch a “School-based HPV Infection, Vaccination, and Cervical Cancer Awareness Program”. Our aim is to disseminate clear, simple, and easily understandable information that will help people distinguish the truth from misconception and improve their level of consciousness to assess the risk and benefits of HPV vaccination. The project initiation meeting was held on 14th September 2023  at Blue Moon Gram Tower Auditorium of ideSHi’s Kalshi, Mirpur Office site.

At the kick-off meeting, ideSHi lead, and emeritus scientist of icddr,b, the 2023 Independence Award receiver Dr. Firdausi Qadri informed about ideSHi’s HPV project background and workplan to the audience. Prof. Dr. Sabera Khatun, President, Gynecological Oncology Society of Bangladesh shared from her previous experience of the history of HPV vaccination initiation in Bangladesh as well as discussed about the burden of HPV virus infection and cervical cancer in Bangladesh.   Dr. Quamrun Nahar, a scientist of icddr,b and the HPV Ambassador, appointed by the International Papilloma Virus Society, shared from her research study that  the information about HPV is not available to the general people, and even the educated and working  women at the corporate offices do not have much understanding and awareness of HPV infection or vaccination related with cervical cancer.

Dr. Shah Ali Akbar Ashrafi, Chief, MIS, mentioned about the MIS DGHS plan of HPV vaccine registry and the upcoming initiatives of MIS to capture vaccine related data in Bangladesh.

Dr. S. M. Abdullah-Al-Murad, PM, EPI, appreciated ideSHi’s initiative and offered all possible assistance to ideSHi.

Dr. Tajul Islam A Bari, Ex-PM EPI, Prof. Dr. Md. Habibullah Talukder, Executive Director, Center for Cancer Prevention & Research, Bangladesh, Dr. Mushtaq Hossain Advisor, IEDCR, Md. Sirajul Islam Ex- Senior Secretary Ministry of Health and Family Welfare also presented their thoughts and facts about ideSHi’s HPV infection, vaccination and cervical cancer awareness project supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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